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Easy Planning for Exotic Vacations: All-Inclusive Resorts


A vacation is a respite from your daily life and work, a time for relaxation and fun. Still, a vacation can involve planning, and a lot of planning can start to feel uncomfortably like work. To simplify planning and budgeting, consider choosing an all-inclusive resort for your next vacation.
The idea behind an all-inclusive resort is to have everything you need available right on the premises. This usually includes accommodations, buffets and restaurants, outdoor activities and games, shops and entertainment. Many all-inclusives are Caribbean or Mexican beach resorts complete with swimming pools, tennis courts and more, but some are located in the midst of mountain scenery, along whitewater rivers, in winemaking regions and in other beautiful, interesting parts of the world.
All-inclusive resorts generally roll all the features mentioned above into one per-person or per-room rate, which guests are asked to pay in advance. This provides the peace of mind of knowing that your vacation is paid for before you arrive, and you won’t need to pull out your wallet to pay for every little thing. Even better, an all-inclusive resort vacation often provides greater value than purchasing accommodations, food, entertainment and activities separately.
While an all-inclusive resort can simplify your planning, you should still spend some time investigating your options. Each resort is unique in its combination of location, clientele, dining, entertainment and selection of activities. The key is to know what you want – for example, do you want a family-oriented resort or a romantic, couples-only retreat? Do you want three meals a day, plus drinks and snacks available at any time? Would you choose a resort that features golf over one that features scuba-diving? Do you want to dance the nights away or plop down beside a bonfire in the sand?
Also, remember that few resorts are completely all-inclusive – many charge a bit extra for special items, such as luxury spa treatments, adventurous activities like parasailing, or top-shelf liquor. Be sure to find out exactly what’s included in your all-inclusive price so that there won’t be any surprises when you arrive.
A stay at an all-inclusive resort is similar to another popular vacation choice – cruising. A cruise ship is like an all-inclusive resort that floats. So, it’s little wonder that your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert can also help you select and make reservations for the all-inclusive resort vacation of your dreams.


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